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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Scared of the dark?

You should be.

The Hootsman is reporting that six out of ten of the country's nuclear power stations will be either off-line or at reduced capacity next month.

I truly hope that there are blackouts, or at least brownouts when this happens to hammer in to the government just how idiotic their energy policies are.

My computers will be OK, since they're protected by an UPS. As far as heating goes, my coal fire in the living room, and my being a fat bastard will stop me from freezing.

Better pray that the mythical global warming will keep the temperatures high enough for granny and granddad to survive if the electricity does go off then eh?


Jenny said...

Which reminds me I should ring the relevant people about the fact that we've had four multi-hour power cuts in my part of Durham over the last month and a half. I feel this is perhaps something we need to get used to.

So ... where do I source a UPS ..?

Anonymous said...

Ah, but next month is November: it'll be windy, so we will be OK, thanks to all those windmills.

Bwa ha ha ha!!!