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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Glasgow's Commonwealth Skills

Auntie Beeb reports that Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games could lead to skills...

  • Athletics - Perhaps the hurdles will allow neds to jump fences when running from the police?

  • Sprinting - again, from the police after engaging in some breaking and entering.

  • Boxing - as if I need to make any comment.

  • Shooting - they just write themselves, don't they?

  • Gymnastics - gives greater flexibility in breaking in to houses through tight spaces.

  • Weightlifting - to carry away all the swag from your housebreaking exploits...

  • Swimming - probably not, since it might be confused with having a bath.

Blogging may be a bit light for the next few weeks since my Glaswegian colleagues who read this blog will have lynched me. (No doubt getting some Judo or wrestling practice in).

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Anonymous said...

Glaswegian colleagues? Are you sure? You mean some of them actually have jobs?