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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No place for violence in the workplace...

The Metro, this morning, had an extra cover, telling us about violence in the workplace being unacceptable.

The Safer Scotland ad, has two mannequins with T shirts, one of which says "Where's my change you dummy?" and the other with "This service is fucking awful" (Well, as best as I can make out the squint writing). (That, and it actually read ****ing, so it may have been cunting).

Whilst physical violence against bus drivers, cabbies, ticket dudes on the train and so on is utterly wrong... Are we seriously being told we cannot remonstrate with them in a most severe verbal manner when they make a cunt of things? (As they so often do!)

This is as bad as air travel, where the first sniff of you telling the staff they're being obtuse gets you grounded.

We're constantly being fucked by these people, and here we have yet another body that we're paying for telling us we should accept shite service, and not tell the pitcher of shite service that they need to get their head fuck-started.

I demand a recount!

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