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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Where's our referendum?

Where's our referendum? I am, of course, referring to whether The City of Edinburgh Cuntcil has actually asked the people who live here, and are paying for this shit, whether we actually want trams or NOT!

The Hootsman
tells us:

"A PUBLIC meeting on the city’s tram scheme has called for a referendum on the future of the tram project."

No shit!

"A poll of attendees at the Edinburgh Railway Action Group meeting found three-quarters of them were in favour of a public vote on the future of the tram project."

Funny that. Could it be that they were looking at their cuntcil tax bills and looking at the congestion caused by the pre-tram roadworks and asked themselves what the hell was going on? Shame the cuntcillors don't do the same.

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neil craig said...

I think the decision of the Labour, Tory & LibDims to push through the £500 million subsidy for this ties in quite well with the SNP's poll ratings rising above their election time high.

If the Edinburghers wouldn't want this even after that subsidy it shows what nonsense it is. I have yet to see anybody explain how a tram driving down the road custs congestion more than a bus doing the same - without any infrastucture investment.