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Sunday, November 04, 2007

On yer bike

I have recently acquired a new flat for myself. Thanks very much, it's lovely, I know. (Pictures are online, those who know me, know where they are).

A month or two after I got the keys, I started collecting bicycles outside the flat (it's a maindoor flat, so has a garden, and a fence around the aforementioned garden).

Student fuckers have been affixing their bicycles to my fence, two in front of my living room window, two in front of my study window, and one adjacent to the door to the common stair.

I, thinking I might be a tad unreasonable, becoming angry about such things, sought advice from my ground floor neighbour about this. My neighbours, who have lived there for a good while (decades) told me that I was being quite reasonable...

I then applied a notice to the board in the stair, asking for the removal of bicycles from my fence, and then a couple of days afterwards, applied noted to the few remaining bicycles... After only a couple of days, all bicycles had been removed.

Tonight, I returned home from a night of fine booze at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and I found a bicycle chained to my fence.

I have utilised a chain of my own, to ensure that the bicycle is secure. I fully expect someone to knock on my door at an inconvenient time of the night, however, my bedroom is at the rear of the property, and as such, I am unlikely to hear a knock on the door.

Oh well...

-- Update on Sunday afternoon --

Very sneakily, in between having my lunch and watching the telly, the owner of the bicycle has removed the bike, and my padlock and chain in the process. How they managed it without me (or my friend who is round for coffee) hearing, I am not too sure. However, next time, I'll invest in a D lock of my own to properly inconvenience the bastards.


Shug Niggurath said...

Ach! You have to admire their perserverance and problem solving skills at the very least surely!

Or as most spotty arsed, acne scarred students take pleasure in stating in the union bar as they slur on three pints 'We're the top two percent'.


Falco said...

The simplest solution is to leave a sign up stating, "Any bikes chained to these railings will be pissed on."

Bet they don't leave them there again.

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