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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Edinburgh City Council are idiots... film at eleven...

According the the Evening Hootsman, the cuntcil want to make pubs close earlier during the week to curb anti-social behaviour.

It says "vertical drinking establishments" - pubs and clubs which have little or no seating for customers - have a "significant bearing on the likelihood of crime and disorder".

Away and stop havering a load of pish. What has a bearing on crime and disorder, as the licensed trade will tell you, is serving people who are arseholes, rather than folk who are out for a couple of beers with their pals in a wee pub like The Bow Bar, Bennets, Bert's or Cloisters. You'll get some of the best ale in pubs that are standing room only, but that's not the point of this crap from the council...

Labour councillor Eric Barry, who is on the board, said he was against cutting the licensing hours and argued week nights were not the problem anyway. He said: "I'm a taxi driver and I've worked nights for 28 years. The problems are not Sunday-Thursday. It's late on Saturdays."

Whoah, sense from a Labour councillor. You've got to admit he's right though - just try walking down the Grassmarket or Lothian Road on a Friday or Saturday night... Dodging folk puking, or fighting. Fun for all the family.

This is the same council that want to save money by closing schools.

Here's an idea on saving money...

Sack the fucking lot of them. Councillors, and the staff.

And if this goes through, prepare to withhold an appropriate amount of Cuntcil Tax, to get the message across to these idiots that they work for us. Not the 20 people they carefully selected to say they want pubs closing early, and people in bed before 12. Idiots.