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Friday, January 23, 2009

Quell the rage

As those who know me know, I try to temper my rage by going to the gym. It also has the side effect of making me thirsty, which means I enjoy a pint or two afterwards even more.

The trouble with being at the work gym (other than there being no women there) is that there's always some guff on the telly - 4music or TMF or some other shit.

Gym music needs to be upbeat - get the blood pumpin, body jumpin, and all that sort of (techno) house music stuff. What do we get these days? Shite rap - remember you can't spell crap without rap. Here's a youtube video - pish, but on the plus side has ho's, or are they bitches? - I can never remember, and the terminology changes so frequently... Anyway, women jiggling around in their underwear. Not that I am complaining about scantily clad hotties, but I think when it's the only redeeming feature of your supposed music, I think the point is being missed somewhat...

With the previous "music" over, a similar racket continues, interspersed with copious and annoying ad breaks. No wonder folk are so miserable - shite love songs, shite from people who aren't old enough to take a drink singing the blues.

Having had enough of this drivel, I was so enraged that I wandered to HMV and bought a complete set of Mahler's symphonies. I have been listening to this all week in between doing some work, and swearing at colleagues. It has been quite soothing.

Clearly the solution is for me to acquire some sort of walkman, and take some banging house choons with me to the gym and ignore the crap on the telly. However, I'll be damned if I am going to buy an iPod. An order has been placed with Nokia for bluetooth stereo headphones so I can make the gash battery life on my phone even worse.




Fidothedog said...

Avoid the I-wank pod thing. I borrowed one and hated it.

Ended up buying a bigger sim card an putting music onto the phone. Works fine.

Mike Smith said...

What's wrong with an IPod, Steve?

David Cantrell said...

If Sir would like a TV-be-gone clone, Sir should email me his postal address.

1st Lady said...

THe best thing since sliced bread is my sony mp3. Its 'Napster 2 go' compatible (which the ipod is not), and I download thousands of songs. Napster 2 go has a monthly fee but I find it more than worth the $. I cant go to the gym without it (the MP3, not the sliced bread).

Chassidy said...