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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Awww, shit!

Have you noticed the recent proliferation in piles of dog shit on pavements round Edinburgh? I expect it's probably the same in a lot of other cities.

People have forgotten basic civility - don't let your dog take a massive shite in the middle of the pavement. Sure enough, someone will come along and step in it, and then tramp it half way across the city causing wee brown shitey splodges for several yards (sue me) that everyone else to try to avoid as well as the original, slightly flatter, pile.

Do you remember when training your dog not to shit on the carpet in the house, that when you caught them pinching a loaf indoors, you'd rub their nose in it, and shout a lot? Perhaps we need to do this to the lazy bastard dog owners who let their dogs shite all over the place! Rub their noses right in their dog's shit pile. It's not the dog's fault their owner is an ignorant, inconsiderate arsehole.

I'd ask why the council aren't doing anything about it, but I think the simple answer to that is because they're a bunch of cunts who would rather piss about with ruining the city with trams than actually trying to sort something useful out for the residents! I'd also ask why people who have these turds right outside their front doors don't chuck a bucket of soapy water over it to wash it in to the drain? Sooner or later someone will tramp it in to their flat or close...

And for the record, this was prompted by the turd on Brougham Place which I have been dodging for almost a week. Bastards.


Tess said...

Just catching up on a few blogs- this post has me in hysterics!!!

Must catch up soon at the still.


1st Lady said...

Not noticed it as bad as it's been, the 'new' still steaming away stuff anyway. I've seen quite a lot of the well trodden into the pavement and spread around 20ft stuff. Stockbridge was really bad last summer, it's cleaned up a bit now.

Mr H said...

I hire a forklift once a month,scoop up all the shite, then dump it in a steaming pile ootside the City Chambers.

Last time I looked, someone was chatting to it, thinking it was Cooncillor Dawes.

Anonymous said...

Its not the same in other citys Edinburgh councils could collect hundreds of thousands per year in fines from dog owners like in Glasgow but that would mean finding people in Edinburgh with the balls to go up and speak to strangers. Outside my flat is a place used allot by kids for playing and its covered in dog shit. Its a serious problem many of these diseases from dog shit are readily caught by children: Heartworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, parvo, corona, giardiasis, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis,campylobacteriosis etc