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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hoots mon! An ASBO for that?

And from the Evening News:

In my fair city, some young lad was driving his car along the road, when a woman stepped out into the road. The young lad slowed down, and hooted the horn of his car at her in a "the big green light means it's my turn, not yours" manner.

The young lad is promptly pulled over by the local constabulary, and ASBO'd.

Perhaps he should have just run the woman over, rather than alerting her to the dangers of mindlessly walking into the middle of the road when it's not your turn.

Who are these people? How could the police possibly give the guy an asbo for that? Is there anyone left with common sense out there?

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Anonymous said...

I have a laugh at one of the comments on the newspaper's site, where someone was shocked at an ASBO being issued for behaviour that wasn't against the law. That's the whole point of ASBOs. They criminalise legal behaviour.