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Friday, February 16, 2007

Home Secretary an idiot... film at eleven.

"Reid moves to toughen gun laws..."
Apparently our current gun laws aren't enough for our Home Secretary - he wants more! Read it and weep on ananova.

Hang on, haven't we heard this before? That and cries of "Won't someone think of the children?" When will people learn that criminals break the law anyway - you're not going to make carrying a gun any less appealing to them!
"He said it was also up to individuals to shoulder their responsibility as parents and as members of society."
I'd like to shoulder my responsibility, in the shape of a 12 bore shotgun. I'd like to shoulder the responsibility with a Sig Sauer, or a Heckler & Koch. I'd like to be able to shoot for sport. I'd like to be able to shoot for fun. I'd like to be able to protect myself from criminals.

Remember - Reid is doing this to protect us... Even though the police can only try to clean up the mess afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

These fucking little scrotes, don't believe all the shite about how they were nice church going lads...yeah right, are shooting each other in their homes...and Reid thinks toughening up the laws will make them scared to keep doing it?

It's going to have to be one hell of a lot tougher to make them stop you stupid fucking mong.

New Labour...New Spin...New Shite.