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Monday, March 20, 2006

DVD trailer madness

I didn't buy the DVD to watch some damn trailer about why piracy is bad. I bought the fucking DVD, didn't I?

Not only do I have to suffer an un-skippable lecture on "you wouldn't steal shit from here, so don't steal shit from there" lecture, but the DVD in question also had about 5 minutes of unskippable drivel before the main feature came on - and had locked out the menu button on the player.

Rather like the music industry producing crap, and breaking the CD standard by introducing DRM which installs crap on your computer, the film industry is foisting this upon us. People are going to pirate DVDs whether or not you put some warning on it or not. In fact, I am tempted to do so, just so I don't have to view these damn trailers.

If I can't even watch a nice relaxing blood and guts film without being made to feel angry - what hope is there?

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