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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Serial shagger demands bigger coucil house,,172-2085941,00.html

Computer says "no"!

I can't believe I just read that... A man with 15 children, and no job is asking for a larger council house...

The family get £2,000 a month in benefits. Mr Philpott, who is unemployed, said that the council had failed him, adding: “I think the country is going down the pan.”

Well, I think we're all in agreement about that. What's even more worrying is what the offspring will turn out to be like - will they follow in the family tradition?

Get a job, you workshy bastard, and stop getting your womenfolk pregnant if you can't support them yourself!


Anonymous said...

Why are losers always so dam fertile?!

Anonymous said...

They have nothing else to occupy their time ..... are they really losers?... discuss