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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prime Mover

What's the point of Amazon Prime?

I had a free trial of Amazon Prime, which is the fast shipping whatsit from, not some tribe from South America... I, of course, forgot to cancel the damned thing and have ended up paying for a year of the service. When it kicked off, it was a good idea - I could get stuff couriered to work the following day, and everything was fabulous... When I could no longer get stuff delivered there, I thought, that's fine, I'll have them send stuff to the house...

I've ordered a bunch of stuff which is sent either courier next day, or Royal Mail special delivery - both of which require a signature on delivery, even though I have a perfectly good letter box that wee packets of DVDs and CDs can be put through safely and securely. So I now have two packages being returned to Amazon. Clearly, they're fuck all use being sent back to Amazon, since I am still after the aforesaid items. The one item that arrived safe and sound was an Amazon marketplace purchase, which came first class a day or two after I had ordered it. Clearly, that's the way forward.

In short, Amazon Prime is a waste of money, and I am an idiot for paying for it. I've made sure it's not set to auto-renew though - I'll be damned if I am going to pay for a service that is essentially completely useless unless you're at the delivery address all the time.

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Chris Fleming said...

Yes the auto-renew is very annoying.

But if you share with 4 other family members the cost each becomes small enough to be worth it. (You only need 2 next day deliveries to justify it)

It's also worth noting that you can choose for a First Class delivery which won't require a signature on the delivery options page.