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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Death and Destruction - to Hard drives!

The Register
tells us of a wonderful piece of equipment from EDR which can crush over 60 HDDs an hour. It costs $11,500, and needs electricity to run...


I can do double that, for waaaay less than that money.

My solution, which peaked at 120 drives an hour, albeit with me putting a sweat on, involves some really good physics, and a fairly old piece of metalworking equipment.

A fly press is all you need.

Pop the drive on to the bed, stick a section of 2" diameter mild steel pipe above the platters, and spin the motherfucker down. The platters and motor tend to pop out of the bottom of the disk chassis.

I'll tell you it's very therapeutic, and almost made me feel like I had an honest job. I reckon, if I had an assistant, we could have punched the spindles on 4 drives a minute. Although my assistant might not have any fingers left... A small price to pay though.

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Fitaloon said...

I used to pop bits of stainless steel out on of these beasties, for flying helmets, though slightly larger. If you didn't get it quite right it would bounce back on you which was a bit of a shock not too say a bit sore as well.
I would think that it could deal pretty easily with 8 hdd's