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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Politicians are utter bastards!

The beeb tells us that our MPs have rejected proposals to hold a referendum on the EU...

And now, MPs consider "fallout" from EU vote?

They might as well be honest, and just tell us all to fuck off... Oh, sorry, we're talking about MPs here...

Are they worried we'd all tell them "no" by any chance?

We're doomed. No wonder so many people are leaving the country.


Anonymous said...

Surely if the fuckers think there is fallout from the lack of an EU referendum, then they have made the wrong decision and ignored what their constituents want?

The Tories I suspect have just gained another million votes.

What does it say about that fucking mong Brown that he doesn't listen?

But what I want, referendum or not, is a single rational reason why we can't have a referendum.

Johnny said...

In a democracy, the people rule - and if you believe that, I'd like to have some of whatever it is you're smoking.