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Friday, March 28, 2008

Abortion Deficit

There is, in the United Kingdom, a problem with abortion.

Not enough are performed.

Too many people that walk the streets today should have been put in a hessian sack and thrown in the river and drowned as soon as they were shat out into the world.

The Shannon Matthews case - Her mother, Karen.

Why exactly do we allow people to live off the state, and by the state, I mean folk like us who work for a living, to have money taken off us by the government to fund a woman who has 7 kids by 5 different fathers.

Of course the government are not happy about the tory councillor who said that spongers like her should be sterilised... These people are likely to go on not working for a living, and shitting out yet more children who will keep suckling from the state's teat, keep on voting (probably for Labour) (assuming they do vote) to allow them to live by our hard graft.

Sooner or later, we're going to end up living in an idiocracy because we are letting this happen to our country!

A fair number of folk who are commenting on those news reports are in favour of not letting people like Karen Matthews rip the pish like she clearly has been.

Get a job. Shut your legs. I am not paying for you to breed more workshy fuck-trophies.


Johnny said...

Clearly, a bad day at work.

What this world needs is either smart drugs that can boost IQ considerably or a cheap and readily available five dollar plasma rifle.

Obviously, I'd prefer the plasma rifle.

Mr H said...

Eugenics - that's what we want. With me running the project. Let's see how many illiterate workshy inbred malcontents are sponging off us then! Eh! Eh! And I include Betty and Phil the Greeks offspring, not just the bottom feeders.