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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stay in school until 18... so we don't have to pay you the dole...

Word is our esteemed overlords are to raise the school leaving age to 18. Now, why would they do that? Is this part of the conspiracy to stop us from having plumbers and sparkies? I think so.

The Beeb report that "The proposals would seek to tackle the problem of young people leaving education without qualifications or workplace skills."

What it doesn't say is what it will do with the people who are not academically minded, and wish to get the hell outta dodge as soon as they can...

"We cannot afford to neglect those young people who currently leave school at 16 unprepared for the rigour and demands of life in the 21st Century."

So here's the question - for those who left school at 16 (0r 17) and are happy in their lives, how would they feel being forced into staying on for another year or two - with such incentives as not being able to get a drivers licence without proof of being in full time education, and other such government "incentives".

Education is available to those who want it - in the shape of college or university. People can work on modern apprenticeships - they still exist... Which begs the question, why the hell are they doing this? Because they can, and because it keeps these workshy fuckwits in government.

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