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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

UK 'must act' on plane emissions

And that's all it must do - since if they do anything other than a pantomime, the economy will go down the pan.

According to this BBC article, Air traffic makes up 5.5% of British carbon emissions. Yet again with the carbon, like it is the be all and end all of greenhouse gases.

"And although restricting flights might be bad for airports and airlines, other sectors of the economy such as domestic tourism would benefit, the report concludes."

Which will mean more cars on the road, I suspect - moving the problem, if it is a problem, to somewhere else.

When will these politicos and hippies realise you can't stop climate change. It far more complex than cutting down the growth in CO2, SOx and H20 (vapour) output, and all these current pantomimes are doing is costing us money that could be better spent elsewhere.

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