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Thursday, September 28, 2006

SNP brands defence of the realm "immoral"

Are the SNP smoking crack?

I ask that, when we all know the answer is "goat".

Anyway, the SNP have decreed that renewing Trident, our ballistic missile defence system, would be "immoral".

Their argument is "blah blah blah, no moral justification, blah". This, rather unfortunately assumes we can all turn the clock back and uninvent this (terrible) technology.

I have news for them. We can't turn back time. We have nuclear weapons. We need to continue to have nuclear weapons. We'd all love to uninvent them, but we can't, so we're stuck with them. We can't be assured that everyone else in the world will stop developing / not buy nuclear weapons, and we do need to be able to defend ourselves should we be faced with a war against a known enemy. (The "war on terror" doesn't count. obviously.)

That's the wonderful thing about being British though - we can sit and complain, and pontificate from within the blanket of security that others provide for us... and like it or not, nuclear weapons are part of that blanket.

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Mark McDonald said...

Why do we need to continue to have nuclear weapons?

Who is going to attack us?