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Saturday, July 22, 2006

A good face for radio?

As my colleague and I were driving with the radio on, earlier on this week, I made the mistake of listening to one of their adverts.

It was for a Computer Doctor. They mentioned the company as "'puter doctor" or at least that is what I think i heard. They mentioned the domain name, but did not spell it out. So some guy has paid for an advert that makes it almost impossible to get in touch with him. Gee, that's a great idea.

I looked for Computer Doctor first, and is a guy in Austin, Texas. (His place always looked busy when I drove past his office, so I think he's on to a good thing. But he's probably of little use when the advert is on Forth One, for Edinburgh! is based in London, so again, probably not much use to folk in Edinburgh.

I have also tried permutations and combinations of puter, pooter and the like. If you're advertising on the radio, and using a made up word for your domain as a main point of contact - go on! Spell it out for us!

Clearly some people are too dim to be allowed to advertise...

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