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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Parents are idiots, lawnmower manufacturer found liable

Here's a story about someone who didn't watch their child closely enough whilst operating a ride on mower, and mowed them down (heh), then sued and won. Only in America. (

The jury wanted to send a message with that verdict to the makers of the lawn mower that killed 4-year-old Justin Simmons in 2004.

"We're just hoping that we make a difference," said juror Theresa Reed. "We just want the industry to see that there's a problem that needs to be fixed."

So, let me get this right. Guy has small kid running about the garden when he's moving with a big-ass ride on mower, and he's not paying attention - the kid gets behind him, the mower rolls back, and mows the kid down. Clearly it's the lawnmower manufacturers' fault... WTF? Where do these people come from? When I were a lad, I wandered round a farm at age 4 - I survived. Why? Because my parents and grandparents looked after me, and I knew not to get infront of, or behind of farm machinery. It's not rocket science!

They all said they had kids, and they all agreed that, just as cars with safety problems are recalled, lawn mowers with safety problems should be recalled.

So, the jury, since they were all cry-baby soccer-mom Americans who take no responsibility for them or theirs wanted to absolve the parents of this accident by apportioning blame to the mower manufacturer. Hoo-fucking-ray.

During closing arguments Monday, Fitzpatrick argued that the company should not be held responsible for the Reedys' poor judgment. Orvil Reedy didn't try to get an owner's manual for the 1988 model mower or heed any of the warnings printed on the machine, he said. Roberta Reedy left Justin unattended outside while her husband was mowing.

I find myself agreeing with the company lawyers here... (Which I don't really like to do). Some people are too stupid to have kids. Please report to your nearest Equilibrium centre for immediate sterilisation.


Brian said...

Um, it wasn't their child. The parents sued both them and the lawnmower manufacturer...

Angry Steve said...

Doesn't matter to me who the parents were. Whoever was the "responsible" adult in the situation should be held accountable for this... The parents are still being morons for suing the lawnmower manufacturer.