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Monday, September 19, 2005

So much anger, so little time.

I am told they want to try to ban Coca Cola products from the Students' Union again. They being the lunatic fringe group, People and Planet.

These people annoy me. Not only do they have absolutely no idea that they are going to boycott the Association out of existance, but as soon as they get a job and start paying tax, they'll end up voting tory. (As well they should). Perhaps they do know that if we ban Coca Cola (given Nestle is already banned) then we ban a few other things they don't like... We might as well shut up shop today.

Of course they tell us we should think of the children, as all good lunatics do. However, Coca Cola tastes good, and is a market leader for a reason. Let the customers choose, keep your fucking boycotts to yourselves.


Andrew Luke said...

"They being the lunatic fringe group, People and Planet."

Hahhahahahahaha. Lets get this out of the way, and then me you and the interwebs can talk if you care for it. My name is Andrew and I say Fuck you, Angry Steve !

"as soon as they get a job and start paying tax, they'll end up voting tory."

I don't care much for the false left-right paradigm. So that line of promotion of simplicity can take a hike and jump.

Coca-Cola does taste good. However your argument is naive in that it appears to centre itself around choice and free will. There are about eight or nine different Coke products in shops. There are not products from other distributors because of Coke's preferences for something called (jingle fingers) exclusive rights contracts (/jingle fingers) One distributor offers twenty alternatives
all recognisable brand name and not one obscure or (jingle fingers) organic hippy drink(/jingle fingers) among them.

When you weigh that up against the ethics of slaveshop labour and silent consent and aid to gov-corp-paramilitary genocide amongst disenfranchised employers in Colombia and India... Well thats your sentence to complete. I suspect you've never done any hard time in the long dark night of the soul, have you ?

- Andy

Angry Steve said...

What utter shite you have posted.

One can only assume that you are from the lunatic fringes...

The point is, nobody cares about you and your cohorts, other than when they try to inflict their misguided will on others.

And let us not get started on the disenfranchised paramilitary bollocks. You're just anti capitalist, and dress it up as whatever happy, hippy cause you like.

The will of a couple of hundred hippies who have the ability to fuck off after a year or two, and leave the rest of us to pick up the pieces.

These people are not being forced to work - there is nobody from the Coca Cola company holding a gun to their heads. So take your slaveshop nonsense, and stick it firmly where the people would otherwise be unemployed, not enjoying benefits of health care and education, and mostly, an ice cold coca cola.