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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tram tweeter twatter

The Hootsman tells us that TIE, the Edinburgh Tram (singular) people, have employed a "a dedicated "tweeter" to lead an online PR offensive".

Well, can't be any more offensive than TIE and Edinburgh cuntcil flushing millions of pounds down the drain on a tram that people DO NOT WANT.

He amusingly comments in The Hootsman that people should search for "Edinburgh Trams" on facebook - Amusingly enough when I did that, I found a collection of anti tram groups!

Oh well, better luck next time, and while I remember... Get a real job!


Mike Smith said...

Edinburgh trams (or should that be tram?) - a never-ending saga...

James Mackenzie said...

I. love trams. Shame the Lib Dem/SNP coalition have spent precisely half their time trying to build them and half their time trying to cock them up..

The cock-up side will always win that argument