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Friday, December 22, 2006

Wind power a load of guff

I was having my daily look at news sites, and the BBC has a rather amusing, if not unexpected (given their usual environmental doom and gloom babbling) article on micro-renewable wind turbines.

In short, it says what most people with even a slight engineering / scientific background have suspected for a long time. Mini turbines to stick on your house are crap and do not work.

The equation to tell you how much power you get out of one of these turbines involved the cube of the wind speed - which means you need a gale force wind to generate any useful electricity from the mini turbine, and in a moderate breeze, you get approximately fuck all.

How can this possibly be "green"? It would seem this is yet another case of people hyping a technology they don't understand hoping the shroud of the environMENTAL religion will shield them from the real world.

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Anonymous said...

When you see flour manufacturers building windmills again that's the time to start building your own. But if our money was used to subsidise their construction and the flour was bought by users forced to buy by the government at a higher price; perhaps then you would see them. Someone is making shitloads of money out of it and it ain't you or me.
Nowhere in UK is more than 70 miles from a huge source of energy which is virtually untapped.
No windmill power the last few days, ought to get a few the chappies who used to swing Spitfire propellers out on the moors.